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33% PULP

squeezing the most out of pulp novels,

one third at a time


we read books.


Each host reads a different third of a pulp novel

and then we recap the whole thing

over three episodes.

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Listener Reviews


"Hilarious, Ridiculous Storytime" (US)

“It's a radio drama meets comedy meets a game of telephone. [...] It's delightfully disorienting and riveting."



Sarah Stiefvater,

"7 Essential Podcasts for Book Lovers"

Pure Wow

“Considering the genre’s propensity for repeated themes and escapist, noir-ish drama, it’s equal parts silly, weird and entertaining.”

The Hosts


Daniel, a qpoc, is allergic to cats and dogs (but loves them anyway) and edits most episodes. He plays videogames and frequents Twitch streams and channels. He prefers Discord over Slack. He can generally be identified as the one in 100% black clothing. Daniel supplies snark regardless of demand. He wears glasses and has a nice laugh.


Each book features a different guest host. Sometimes it's another podcaster from a show we like, sometimes it's a writer, a high school English teacher, or a theater director.


Linzi, a qpoc, is a university lecturer and senior researcher for a non-profit. She has two cats, edits some episodes, runs Twitter and Instagram, prepares context for each book and author, reserves guests, schedules episode recordings, mails bookmarks, designs merch (whhaa?),

and created this website.


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